This Week in den U.S.A.

There is now a shortage of vape supplies but a plethora of too accessible and toxic tobacco products do remain

Many American travelers are displaced after riots began in Barcelona during a heavy vacation season but there are still no riots about Drump, police states, the above and below

There have been two previously missing Black children found dead in a weeks span 

A Florida woman has been found guilty of raping and becoming pregnant by two separate minor boys she once babysat

That lady is appealing her conviction for walking into the wrong apartment and shooting an unarmed Black man while off duty with her on duty firearm

There is a massive outbreak in hand, foot and mouth disease like America is some third world country 

A man is offering $20,000 to anyone who can make it through his self made Haunted House after signing a 40 page release and submitting to a physical

People still cannot let humans who identify as whatever gender have their dignity in life or death by using proper pronouns