On the 3rd Day of Christmas

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

Seasons Greetings as I am perpetually confused by the amount of holidays and observances in Germany. I think now three years and three days too short I have realized that I should have been merry on Tuesday. Well sorry I was too busy being a pawn to capitalism and working on what Americans call "Christmas Eve". Meanwhile most Germans were opening presents and having a festive meal. Thirty six minutes ago it was Christmas Day here. On this day Americans are making elaborate breakfasts, taking photos by the tree in pajamas and closing the night with debauchery or church. Today is just another day or the biggest reverse shopping day of the year. We return to work, stores open up again (if they even closed for the holiday) and we return all of our unwanted gifts. I'll assume Germans are still held up at home eating French, Belgian and Austrian foods because nothing is open. It's Boxing Day or Second Christmas which is strange because you all had no Christmas Eve? And this is all after the Advent days so now we light candles? Yeah nope.

I prefer Mall Santa and Redbox movies after stuffing my face on one single day.

And thank you Walgreens for remaining open for last minute enemas, cough drops, photo processing and or gifts?

Frohes Weihnachten vom Purgatory