This Week in den U.S.A.

United Healthcare (health insurance) has been caught in a shitshow of denying or withholding medical services to members of color using techniques similar to redlining and most took place 2013-2015 which is when my mother had stage IV cancer and they were her supplemental

The three most popular STD's are on the rise here just a day shy of our 31st World Aids Day 

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have concluded without much fanfare as no one has any money to buy anything let alone Firesticks 

"60 Minutes" (a televised new magazine) aired an episode of displaced and homeless Americans in the workforce as now no where in the United States has affordable housing regardless of the pay grade of the person seeking shelter

"Frozen 2" has come out and frozen the majority of the northeast leaving New York in a state of emergency with 27 inches (almost a meter) of snow in upstate NY

Amtrak decided to give 35% off its popular routes for four days but who wants to save pennies to be tortured for two days when you can drive in under four+ hours 

We bought iPhone 11's considering the deals for leasing handsets and listed our older phones on Craigslist opening us up to the infamous Google Voice Scam