This Week in Den U.S.A.

  • Michael Vick is a hot topic as he is to be honored by the NFL which is hilarious because Colin Kaepernick still isn't playing after doing the right thing - time heals no wounds here
  • Speaking of "Do The Right Thing" Danny Aiello sunset yesterday evening which is a shock to all - I encourage everyone to have a slice a remembrance 
  • There has been a series of violent mass shootings over the past week and the good guys with guns have done more damage than the bad
  • NJ also experienced a mass shooting in a grocery store which was a anti Semitic attack planned and executed by a Black couple 
  • The recent mass shooting by a Saudi Arabian military student has now created a ban against foreign military students having access to US bases and flight programs 
  • The North is under a Winter Storm Advisory where the majority of the east coast is getting drowned in rain only to follow with snow 
  • George Zimmerman has now sued his victims family and their legal counsel for defamation as if he really didn't murder an innocent child - meanwhile any attempts on his life or character are met with swift civil and criminal charges for opportunists 
  • There is man currently robbing banks and convenience stores donning women's attire and a blonde wig ... he is also Black
  • Trafficking fear mongering has caused women who carry concealed weapons to take matters into their own hands when spotting unmarked white vans
  • The New York Times has released an expose on predatory lending and discriminatory tastings in banking despite settlement offers for the same offenses ... the duo who leaked recordings of financial advisors remarks and methods were a retired Black athlete and a fearful young Black banking employee 
  • Articles of impeachment have been announced for the 1000th time as everyone awaits a historical event that will probably happen on after the election night in 2020