This Week in den U.S.A. : A Special Report

The longer I stay here the more I realize how dumb Americans are...

The country is currently divided into three and I swear I am not affiliated to any of these groups

1. The Right - Conservatives

These poor people are so booksmart and entertained by Drumps antics they actually believe that the United States is entitled to starting a war with a country that has done nothing to them. They are going through life driving their SUV's and gas guzzling trucks with old political stickers over them referring to Obama. They think 44 walked away from a conflict and this asshole is going to finish it. I am extremely tired of knowing these people are steadily breeding and using resources like air. But they exist and stand by their misguided convictions.

2. The Left - Liberals

This group is so busy debating and creating memes they fail to realize we are allowing the Right to push propaganda to young people and undecided voters. Dems have no opposition to the 2020 election with our lackluster candidates and they are ushering in Drump for more of the same. They also assume that retaliation will be directed at ''the others'' and not the good guys. They have somehow separated from the majority not realizing they are the ones creating all the chatter in social media and the press. Which is just adding fuel to the fire that asshole ignited early morning Friday.

3. The Aloof and Uninformed

This group scares me the most. These are the people that watch the news and don't read books. These are the ones that voted for him in great numbers because they just didn't want a woman in the White House. And today they believe that the country is being ineffectively guided, have buyers remorse but no solutions. And this is the group that will be outside dancing in the nuclear snow. I am most afraid of them.

Clearly none of the above has any understanding of what has happened and what is happening. The reality is America has had both of their feet on Iran's neck while straddling the rest of the Middle East in fraudulent military contracts, unused military bases and ulterior motivated military exercises. All of that just to have access to Iran's oil. When none of this worked they tried their hands at sanctions which should have been eradicated with a peace treaty which ultimately Drump backed out on. So that made it fair game for Iran to do whatever it wanted with their power and yet they did nothing and we Americans got distracted by the constant mentioning of Chicago, China, Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile the sanctions got worse in Iran leading to its people having no resources well all but that one ... oil ... which America cannot have so we sanctioned Iran from selling it to anyone else. And even the most eager buyers will be sanctioned as well so they cannot sell their primary resource to stimulate their economy and Iranians woke up to buying milk 20 times the normal cost. And still with this happening there has been no major fight by the country and their people. Now militia groups doing their own thing are doing things in Iraq but that has nothing to do with Iranians who cannot feed their children. Embassies get attacked everyday B. So now our impeached President thought it best to fire drones on an Iranian commander and his second in command to do what exactly? He says after the fact to prevent war. He says after the fact it was about avenging a killed military contractor who was in fact non-military. He says now after Iran promises to retaliate that he has 52 other sites in mind for whatever military strike. So now all his cards and on the table facing up to the so-called enemy and other foreign power watching. He says this and all sorts of stuff on Twitter not in an address or to his Secretary of Defense or to Congress. He has just gone rogue. And with that the fear and war mongering has began in this country and it is so unimaginable at the beginning of a new year. People are stock piling water. The lines for gas are getting crazy following the biggest travels days of the year. And of course the rich get richer as the prices for things will be gauged.

He has no concept of peace. He is terrorizing the entire world whilst swinging golf clubs and eating cheeseburgers.

And we have the three groups. Not protesting. Not going into bunkers. Just mindlessly going about their lives. Their silly little American lives with no purpose and no hope.

And I am here watching it all.

Happy New Year Folks