This Week in den U.S.A.

"The Peachment" hearings have begun of course with more scandals, controversies and pomp

Jeopardy "GOAT" episodes have come to an end with a new winner of the three highest earning

Cory Booker has dropped out of the 2020 election race

Dutch YouTube creator and influencer comes out as transgender and a makeup brand that has utilized her personality decided to assist in the smear that caused her to come out in the first place

Brexit is now Megxit and Harry has officially spoken on their exit from the monarchy - they have claimed to be moving to North America which could mean Canada and or the US

Oscar Nominations were announced and as per usual no women were represented in the best director category which left announcers speechless

National Archives have been caught photoshopping images from historical movements by women particularly photos derogatorily calling out Tonald Drump

Florida Man bombs ATM and runs off with smoking cash

After 1000s of earthquakes and aftershocks in Puerto Rico the island is without power and its people have stormed resource centers discovering hidden supplies like pallets of water from 2017's hurricane

Bruce Springsteen's son becomes one of New Jersey's finest ... a firefighter

Iran has admitted to shooting down the Ukranian plane killing all on board and all parties are mum after using the reasoning of US Adventurism which in essence means cause & effect

After a week of abnormal seasonal highs like 71 degrees Fahrenheit and surprise fatal tornadoes in the Carolinas a cold front has come to bring ice and snow from the midwest