This Week in den U.S.A.

Black History Month has begun with a number of proud marketing campaigns and acts of pandering

The College Entrance Scam trial has began with its main subject stating her payments were in fact donations

A protest demonstration was lead by Antifa throughout New York City causing the hashtag #FTP "Fuck the Police" to trend on Twitter as acts of retaliative violence were displayed there vs the news

The Iowa Caucus - normally a better election process faces results scrutiny as winners were announced before winners were announced ... I know, I know

A 51 to 49 vote was made forcing the Impeachment Trial to not include pertinent witnesses to the case

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration aka the FDA have released a drug to fight peanut allergies with peanuts

Someone stormed the presidents Mar-a-lago complex fully armed but unfortunately for us all Tonald Trump was probably in Iowa instead leaving bad juju there

Airlines are beginning to ban flights to and from China and the US has enacted a complete travel ban due to the Coronavirus

A victim of Harvey Weinstein testifies that he has the genitalia of a woman

We had our palindrome 02.02.2020 - see ya in another 900 years

Superbowl 6$VP has concluded and I don't know who won because I don't care but most Americans were confused by the halftime show which may have included a political display of the Mexican language and a Cuban and or Texas flag

...2020 is shit