Sheltering in Place #COVID19


Achso Tochter here. Your resident expat.

I am currently six days out from returning to Germany from the United States. While I am hoping for an uneventful journey on a half empty plane where I will be showered with seating upgrades, lounge use and more baggage I do know that is highly unlikely.

Ganz Stress.

To prepare for that I am sheltering in place and doing some of nothing the entire week. I am eating terrible food. I am slowly packing my bags. I plan to leave once to tie up loose ends. Then I plan to go rent a vehicle to drive me to the airport two states away. I will wash my hands.

What I won't do is rest my emotions on news and speculation around aviation, viruses and global economics. I know my flat is fully stocked and I can survive off frozen pizza until the lights go out. If the WLAN is being cooperative I may begin to post again but for now hiatus is key.

No hand shaking. Hydration. Allowing ambiguity to flow.

For all you SHTF and WFH and Quarantined folk ... do the same!

I'll See You On The Other Side