This Week in den U.S.A.

Tonald Drump is holding "Corona Task Force" briefings sometimes twice a day in the White House Press Room where he lies for a solid 30 - 60 minutes alongside clueless members of his administration then dodging the questions from invited press members for 20 - 30 more minutes

Congress is at a standstill trying to compromise on an emergency stimulus bill for the American public with deadlock over issues like stock buyback, student loans, abortion law and social security

Speaking of stocks,  several politicians have been caught selling off stock during this time of economic adversity and ultimately profiting off fear and the American's earned pensions and lifelong investments

Jobs big and small are letting go of their employees considering "the pause" and lack of business - most are being forced to consider payroll for employees who are not being utilized at this time

Today most grocery stores are starting Covid-19 dedicated shopping hours for seniors so that people over the age of 65 can shop without hoarders and panic buyers depleting stock of food and supplies 

Multiple major cities and states are asking citizens to stay at home but are struggling with compliance as citizens take to public parks, social events and popular beaches disobeying orders to shelter in place, only leave home for essentials like grocery or medicines and to practice social distancing

As Tonald Drump and Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID spar over the ability of compassionate care drugs, the world is in a frenzy to get drugs for serious issues like malaria, arthritis and lupus. Unfortunately, Drump's sensationalism has sparked panic buying and back orders of the said drug

Companies like Amazon, Aldi and Walmart are actively hiring workers to meet customer demands - offering quick onboarding, generous pay and immediate sign on bonuses and incentives to workers

As stimulus checks are being held up for citizens in needs most are grappling with household bills, rent and mortgages and their obligations to student loan and various other debt repayment when local, state and federal government isn't providing clarity or relief around fees, evictions and foreclosures

Stores are asking customers to no longer shop with their reusable bags and the same customers are questioning if they have ever washed their reusable shopping bags in the first place

Creators of online content, entertainers, athletes and artists are asking their audiences for donations at this time but also polling for consideration of content concerned about sensitivity or lack thereof

Drive thru Covid-19 testing facilities are overwhelmed with most operations turning away patients as early as thirty minutes after opening 

Unemployment insurance sites are overwhelmed with recently laid off workers who are getting zero clarity around returning to work or being able to find a new job during this time of uncertainty 

Members of the Administration are stating that Korean War statues are being enacted for companies and organizations to manufacture and distribute needed medical supplies to medical groups and or municipalities without supply  ... but no one can actually state which companies have signed on, how long production may be and when things will actually arrive to those in need

It's just March Leute