Neu News

Neu News

Day whatever it is in this unfortunate situation called Stay At Home/Bleibst Zu Hause, I was wondering where are you all getting your news?

Early this morning I was made privy to a cloud based archive full of news sources. Most of the stuff in these folders and files were redacted documents related to all sorts of current affairs. It was a global collection from many papers, newsletters and journals. I was intrigued about the dates on these references because that really mattered. The dates, the relevancy to now ... all provided context and further elaborated on the shit I am seeing on the television and hearing on the radio. When you combine that dark web find along with social media, TV, podcasts and YouTube there are discrepancies. Did he know? Was he lying to us? Is he toying with lives?

Is it all fake news? Fabricated and streamlined by voices so we don't inquire. Just consume, ignore, regurgitate and come back for more. Especially now that there is nothing else to do.

Maybe with this genre there is no right or wrong. Maybe there are just sources and maybe they rise from truth or imagination. Maybe the news is what lies in between. As of late so much is hard to believe. Is it really just April? Is time change really a thing? Is it a million zombies or a billion? Wouldn't we all like to know? What I have found is if and when you line up all these stories you may find an overlap that informs you or makes you skeptical. Today after this Fauci interview, some doctor going off the rails on Fox News, that one governor who missed the memo on transmission, the flip flopping on the wearing of masks, that conspiracy driving stock footage of an overrun ER from a movie set and Germany's mortality rates ... I feel like I am being played. 

So going forward, after this turning point in peaks, curves and pinnacles - I am shutting it all off. 

What I can report are timelines, reactions and a lack thereof are seeing the light. At the very moment it is dark all over the globe. I don't want it to get unbearable to see with all the misinformation, fear, sensationalism, time wasting and confusion. Thankfully, I have the luxury of turning all of it off and the privilege of hiding away at home. I guess the best outcome is finally getting true access to the world wide web after months of toggling and tinkering with just my phone. Alas, a computer is something more than a $2,000 paperweight. I can see things in real time. Unfortunately, I don't want to see this. Trolls, Fonts, Panderers, Pirates and Thieves are just waiting for me here. I just wanna slam this laptop shut and go outside. But it is 10:34pm here and the curfew began five hours ago. I cannot even listen to music without some update of what is happening. Nothing truly shuts off.  

If you are reading, watching, listening ... what is it that you can rely upon to not lie to you? I'll wait. I mean after all I will be here until the indefinite future ... smh.