Quarantänedenken: The Dire Need to Avoid It All in Real Time

Quarantänedenken: The Dire Need to Avoid It All in Real Time

There is reality and its acceptance. There is denial which can be problematic. Then there is avoidance which can be comforting and selfish. A friend who is working asked how is it that I manage seeing the world unravel in real time. My answer is I don't. There is a strong desire that I refuse to admit fuels me day by day to completely ignore what is happening around me. But just like a car crash or a scary movie I will look through my fingers just to catch a glimpse of destruction. My view is askew. I only take in so much and we all need think about our consumption. I have been anti consumption for a very long time. I do avoid ... television, news, negativity and reality. I am not in a constant dream state and twiddling my thumbs. No, I am taking in what I wish, when I prefer and comforting myself. I am being selfish and rightfully so. I must avoid in order to maintain right. And the less I know the better. I am aware. I understand. But all of this stuff is bigger than me so I'll just focus on this here. I will peak out of the window or click on a link every now and then. But for right now I don't need any.

Quarantine: Quarantäne

Thinking: Denken oder Denkend oder Gedenkend 

Quarantine Thinking: Quarantänedenken