Quarantänedenken: I Just Wanna Argue

Quarantänedenken: I Just Wanna Argue

At the end of this series I realize how dynamic I really am. In my intellectual solitude I am willing to argue with total strangers to feel less alone. I am not bored. I am not overly emotional. I am not smarter than your average 5th grader. No. I just wanna argue, back and forth, forever. I am going to nitpick grammar and prose. I am going to expect a fluid translation with no intention lost. That person in that picture better be that fucking person. I know why such and such is happening and not only is whatever you posted old but fake. I have all the time. I would only normally feel such petty disdain but now I can say and write whatever comes to mind. Also the pessimist in me feels like nothing will ever change so I will not be running for public office or raising the next President. I can do what I want! And that includes saying what I want. Writing what I want. And if you do not like it, literally, thumbs my shit up, I am going to debate with you. This is why I am binge watching shows I normally would never watch. This is why I am reading crap on the internet I still consider crap. This is why I claim solitude in a house with my mother and two pets. I need something to whine about ... a lot. Fin.

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