Quarantänedenken: The Internal Struggle Over Bra Wearing

Quarantänedenken: The Internal Struggle Over Bra Wearing

Just the other day I asked my mother would there be consequences for us non bra users after the quarantine. I figured there was some time in her life where she too abstained for a long, involuntary period. I mean we aren't really going about our daily routines so why should we? But my conscience tells me I am doing something terribly wrong. I am in my 30s and my girls haven't really shifted anywhere since my late adolescence. I hit puberty super late and maybe this has benefited me along with pregnancy avoidance. But I am a stern advocate for bra wearing. I prefer mines to be up high and well supported. I do not want to be caught with a double boob, triple back and full salute. I pride myself in buying properly fitted and well constructed tit chariots. I may cut corners for the occasional Aldi or Lidl bra but those are for minimal durations like taking the trash out, a quick run to the store or an early morning dentist appointment. I have sort of upped my game since being back in the States where I have access to premium brands and goo gabs of sales. In Germany, when it was cold I sometimes took the risk. And normally when I am at home with no plans to leave I do free them. But it has been over thirty days of freedom now. I have had no obligations. I have no life. Am I doing myself a disservice? Maybe I should measure them and then re-measure when social distancing bans are lifted? This way I will have concrete proof of damage or fall. It is a struggle. Do I wear one just for Zoom? Should I wear one to pretend I am working out? Is it required to walk the dog just a few feet/meters from the front door? I really do not care at this point. I have went from a lady to an ogre. I haven't shaved, yesterday I realized all my nail files are in the car and do not ask about deodorant. I saw a model on IG explain how she showers every three days now. At least I put on a top and bottom today. I cannot say that they match or don't have holes but I am in them. Uh, to Bra or not to Bra.

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