Quarantänedenken: Just How "Crunchy" Will This Make Me

Quarantänedenken: Just How "Crunchy" Will This Make Me

I made bread. I talked about all the people who attempted to make bread and I made them seem like assholes. I blamed them for the lack of ingredients in the stores. I blamed them for them for trying. I blamed them for trying to be crunchy. I also felt very vindicated when I tried too. See the difference is I had success on my first attempt. I baked it, it turned out perfect and we ate the fuck out of the no-knead wheat bread. Everyone else's was too damn dense to even feed the birds. I made a damn loaf of edible bread when the shelves are empty of yeast and flour. Even my crunchiest of friends with gifted sourdough starters and $500 professional mixers made yeasty paperweights. Now I am waiting for this unprecedented freeze to go away so I can plant my propagated food and spring seedlings. I kill a basil plant every two weeks in Germany but here I am going to create my own garden that replaces the grocery store. I have also killed two different kinds of lettuce and a cilantro plant but there is so much more that is clinging to life without a proper repot. Soon I will be making my own soap, harvesting chickens in the backyard and sewing the holes in our pre-Covid19 clothes. Why? Because the world is ending and I am totally capable of sustaining myself while the world burns.

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