Quarantänedenken: Trying Not to Resort to Neighborhood McCarthyism

Quarantänedenken: Trying Not to Resort to Neighborhood McCarthyism

Mc·Car·thy·ism /məˈkärTHēˌizəm/
is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.

I am watching our neighbors. I am checking them twice. I am monitoring their fronts making sure they do not leave. If they leave it had better be only for what is deemed essential. I have binoculars and special phone apps. I even have an alarm set on my phone for curfew and god forbid they open their front door at 17:01pm. If they do I am going to the city's Twitter feed and telling on them before you can say versicherungskarte. None of that going out for hair color nonsense over here! I can see right through that Walmart bag and detect a non food item. I can also see if you are walking in your home with shoes on or taking the time to disinfect yourselves. Can you believe someone had the nerve to walk three doors up to our house and knock the other day? Of course we didn't answer. I mean what could they have possibly wanted ... sugar? We have come to the conclusion they either ran out of toilet paper or dog food because it is exactly four humans and four dogs in there. If you get a package I can see if you grab it with both of your paws and walk it directly in your home. If you added a new planter I can tell what is in there and how often it will grow. So many geraniums. If I were in Germany this would never happen because I am in a building with minimal residents I never, ever want to know on an in person basis. Please just say hallo every 2.3 weeks and leave me be. But this American who got a new BBQ grill life is fucking made for pandemic paranoia. Under His eye!

Quarantine: Quarantäne

Thinking: Denken oder Denkend oder Gedenkend 

Quarantine Thinking: Quarantänedenken