Quarantänedenken: What If Everything That is Free Doesn't Move Me

Quarantänedenken: What If Everything That is Free Doesn't Move Me

If the only thing moving right now is concerts, sing a longs, at home workouts and dance challenges ... how am I to be entertained for free? I know I can pay for things like members only yoga and ameteur pornography but those don't move me either. I cancelled my HBONow the first week of March and thank goodness because it is free ... now. Well only the crappy stuff but I am stealing the good stuff as long as I am in the states anyways. Our van hatch doesn't stay open anymore so we can't even go get free food. Even the radio is playing pre-recorded content and if there is one thing Germany taught me is even that ain't free. I'll make a separate post about TV because I have so much to say about that trash. I am trying to read by my library books are overdue and everything not about the thing we do not speak of is behind a pay wall. I can't believe they made everything related to death & stupidity for free. Sleep is free but it costs me my day. I may burn calories and have some lucid dreams but my inherent productivity goes right down the drain. Internet is partially free but I am being tracked and giving millennials likes, views and clicks. What good is free money I cannot even use for the things I prefer when the world is ending? Oh that isn't really free either. Hey-Oh!

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