This Week in Den U.S.A. : The Late But Early Edition

Children are the latest victims having Kawasaki Syndrome like symptoms leading to inflammation, overly responsive immune systems, toxic shock, heart failure and death - five have died

Joe Biden is current vetting Amy Klobuchar for his V.P. pick and changing racial identity as anyone that doesn't vote for him isn't Black - his words not mine - not paraphrasing or being facetious

Mass shootings are on the rise after opening up states - one at a shopping mall in Arizona and another at a naval base in Texas - school shootings are null since school closures remain in place

Criminals disguised in hallowed watermelon masks were nabbed after a convenience store robbery

The country is preparing for Memorial Day and most states have entered Phase Two guidelines with the exception of hot zones in New York and California

The United States Postal Service has begun interrupting International and U.S. Military APO shipping services as it braces for an eventual bankruptcy after receiving no bail outs

A team of promoters sieged Daytona Beach in an apparent flash mob named "Miami/Orlando Invade Daytona Beach" causing a series of chaotic crowds, riots, fights and shooting in the area

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is on trend to become worlds first trillionaire

Tonald Drump has been off the rails and announced that he is taking a non approved drug I would never mention here to sustain himself despite getting tested daily when others cannot

Most states have begun reopening with phase one guidelines but are already going into phase two preparations totally disregarding advice from local, state and federal leaders

Tropical Storm Arthur has ravaged the northeastern states and taken out three dams in Michigan causing catastrophic flooding and damage

Facebook and Twitter announces permanent work from home policies for employees

Canadian and Mexican borders will remained closed through June despite openings for tourism and repatriate travel to other countries in recent weeks

Overpriced Chinese supplies of masks, gloves and sanitizers have begun to invade spaces like grocery stores as American suppliers are constrained or cajoled by the U.S. government