Ze Germans are Protesting Too

Ze Germans are Protesting Too

I am embarrassed for humanity right now. I expected as much for radical white people in the States to find some reason to be upset during this time. But I never expected that any Germans would take interest in protesting as well. Apparently, allegedly they have pulled out all the stops from swasitkas to white roses. Now I have some of those old reich books here in my mothers house but I am totally disinterested in trying to connect the dots. I am in shock and disbelief. I mean haven't we learned anything from false equivalencies and fake outrage. We have already seen people make really bad choices throughout history. They may be capable now but is this the right time? I can be confused by it and try to make sense of it but is it worth it? I also do not want my opinions to fall upon deaf, irrational and foolish ears. Also, I am sort of enjoying the rabid stupidity which appears to be more infectious than the thing that put us in this predicament in the first place. I mean there really isn't a cure for this and it seems to transcend race, age, religion and oceans. At the rate of ignorance and infectious transmission we may be here for a very long time. 

I have decided to put things into a simple perspective. One that most anyone can align with. People are angry because they miss routine. People want to continue getting up every morning for a reason and with purpose. If they cannot do that they go mad. It isn't about money or greed. It isn't about values or ethics. It is because they want to do things that make their lives meaningful. For a lot of people, worldwide, that means going to work, getting a paycheck and providing for themselves and their families. I want to align with this but based on my circumstances I cannot. I haven't had to work in ages. I have only had to concern myself with me. I haven't had to provide for anyone ever. And I do not have what people believe to be a family. I have a husband and pets. My husband is independent of me. My pets only want food and they will accept that from anyone. If I went on strike in my house which I occasionally did and will continue to do as an immigrant Hausfrau angrily fighting acculturation I am certain my husband and pets can and will survive. That is a fact. 

But is anyone thinking selfishly about themselves? (ich)

Personally, I do not want to be sick with anything at anytime let alone a virus that is killing people. And while it is likely I may get Covid-19 no matter what precautions I take, I still take them. I may survive because I am young and somewhat healthy, but I do wonder about the permanent damage from the illness. I am not really concerned about the emotional or financial ramifications of staying indoors. I would much rather stay inside to avoid this virus. I couldn't care less about anyone else. I don't care about family. I do not want this myself! And if I was in a situation where someone or something was demanding that I expose myself to the virus I would sever that relationship. Even if doing that would lead to my financial ruin and or professional or academic demise. So this makes me wonder about people who do not have any issues that would prevent them from staying home. Why are they so upset that there is a suggestion to stay inside to not only stop the spread of the virus but to protect themselves and their households? I mean what are you without your health? How can you function while dead? And in terms of money, you cannot take it with you? Are you following me?
In both cases of protests here in the States and in Germany, it is mostly middle class white people on the front lines. I am sorry but what do people that have comfortable lives and incomes have to complain about? 

Give me liberty or death!

Most of those in the States that are shouting this line have never embraced liberty in the first place. In regards to the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and its Amendments most people do not even understand their rights. So only now have they accepted an opportunity to take advantage. In regards to freedom, the U.S. is one of the lightweights in that realm as a lot of civil liberties are managed by the state and or religion. It is unfortunate that I can attend a public school in America for free but be forced to accept certain guidelines around my personal values and beliefs in exchange for my education. This is one example but understand school is a long duration and shapes the majority of ones entire life. I could spend ten to twelve years in a setting that makes me dress a certain way, believe certain things and practice certain "rituals". Where is the freedom in that? It is said that America is a free country but in reality some of the leverage Americans have are pure illusion. The schooling system. The judicial system. The electoral system. Even the American passport. The power of those are null. So to use that foundation as a reason to complain or protest about being asked rather nicely to stay home during this time is a reach. I mean do whatever you want if it is such a free country? Why do you need to demand that or tell anyone? Why not just just continue on as before?

Because ... People are scared. Fear is palatable. This is why stupid people are doing stupid shit ... everywhere. 

People being taken to their deaths for their ethnic makeup have nothing to do with being asked to stay indoors until this virus is conquered. People being able to claim lands by way of violence has nothing to do with being asked to stay indoors until this virus is conquered. Social guidelines created by government entities you and your peers elected have nothing to do with having your liberty stifled. Social guidelines created by government entities you and your peers elected have nothing to do with your nationalistic morale changing. While everyone has the right to protest, you should rightfully and legally protest while abiding by the ever changing rules and regulations of your country where you are protesting. So if the United States and Germany have social guidelines to prevent the spread of a global pandemic shouldn't you adhere to those guidelines whether you are protesting or not? It isn't safe for you, your peers, your family at home and those in your circle if you are protesting something while equally subjecting yourself to whatever that is. Large crowds of rabid people in close proximity with no protection on during a pandemic is very paradoxical. And it is proven that all you do is wind up getting the virus. Here in North Carolina the front runner for local protests over the lack of civil liberty is now positive with Covid-19. So in her travels protesting she has exposed hundreds of people to infection. Why? Because she wanted to prove everyone right? And at whose expense? Her childrens? Her fellow man? The state?

There is also the random NC Millenial who complained about her crowded domestic flight that she willingly boarded. The Michigans who keep storming places with their guns and contradictory militia face masks. There are the silly Floridans and Californians who continue to sunbathe and surf to a point the re-opened beaches will be closed again this week. As well as the insane families who are camping out in their stored boats in protest of guidelines asking that people not gather on board using public marinas and waterways.  In all of these instances it occurred to no one their personal level of exposure, their ability to spread infection and unsolicited contribution to societal stupidity. The same goes for those who are accessing spaces where social distancing is perfectly acceptable. I have been in a grocer recently where I hope an intoxicated man brushed past me to grab toilet paper while yelling about the absurdity of the shelf having only one pack left. He had no mask, got extremely close to me and used such a speaking volume I was visibly frightened. My only options were to continue to move away from him while getting close to others and yelling repeatedly "Okay!?". I honestly didn't know if he wanted to make conversation, audibly complain or scare everyone. One has to assume he was drunk. Is it so hard to walk a certain direction in a store? Is it that problematic to keep a distance from other shoppers? Why have you ever needed to stand on my heels as I purchased my items? Isn't there plenty of parking outside so there is no need to park directly next to my vehicle? And why during a global pandemic do you feel the need to bring your entire family including small children with you to the store? Couldn't someone in your party have stayed home to watch those children? Is this the hill you want to die on and roll all the way down taking so many others with you? There are so many other honorable ways to die preferably after living a long life. 

A good friend recently said the stimulus packages are to soothe survivors of victims who succumbed to Covet-19. I mean if and when you receive a Tonald Drump check, what exactly could you do with it? If no one can go anywhere, the celebratory act of dining out or having drinks is prohibited and your household expenses revolve around seldom purchases of scarce food - what good is that money? This Friday, all the shipping and delivery companies are having workers strike so then there is also that. For those standing in lines for hair and nail services, who will see you once your roots are re-touched and your acrylics are filled in? If you work in a socially distanced workplace or from home the chances are practically no one. Even those fighting with unemployment are sort of lost with amounts deposited in their bank accounts. Most monetary awards will go to rent or mortgages and will not bring anyone certainty or security. Germans are also complaining about the lack of resources or how slow it all has been only to realize the döner shop is still closed, Ikea is not open and you need a mask to go buy masks. So how about we all just bliebt zu hause as advised no matter how altruistic that feels or how controlling it seems to be. After all, nothing has ever been mandated anywhere. It isn't the law to stay home or to abide by simple guidelines. If you chose not to obey you man incur a fine but you can appeal it. If you personally feel like you are invincible and or immune just go out and do as before. Just pretend there is no big, scary virus. Do not concern yourself with capitalism or government. Above all, don't even factor in pensioners and children. I cannot even believe it myself, it has been damn near two months of sheltering in place and no one is looting yet. Anarchy is nowhere to be found. Achso! Maybe every single one of us has a conscience that doesn't require good rearing or religion to do the right thing? Now if we could only explain U.F.O.'s, Karens and the pathetic need to protest the one good thing that has ever happened in the history of us - the absolute luxury of staying indoors, sleeping in, saving ones self as well as others for $Free,99.