This Week in den U.S.A.


This Week in Den U.S.A.

It is time to bring this series back because America is out of fucking control 

Tonald Drump was recorded bullying election official to find votes he never had in the first place - who ever recorded that should be the Person of the Year

A racist incident occurred in Soho after the Karen Law was enacted in New York City just this past year - a white woman accused a Black boy of stealing her iPhone, she physically attacked the boy and his father while people watched and sided with her racist accusations but her phone was actually in an Uber that brought her to the Arlo Hotel Soho - a hotel she wasn't even staying at - after a week of avoiding the charges, alluding angry reactors and ultimately evading doxxing - her and her mother were arrested at a California hotel for yet another criminal infraction where kicked a police officer 

Nancy Pelosi has been surprisingly re-elected as Speaker of the House - le sigh

Speaking of Nancy, her and Bitch McConnell both had their homes vandalized and defaced with the rhetoric of the "Eat the Rich" crowd including pigs blood, spray paint and "where's my money"

Even with all that nonsense, Americans have finally been receiving their long awaited stimulus funds now decreased to a paltry $600 which doesn't pay rent when eviction memorandums have ended

Georgia will have its runoff election this Tuesday for Senate seats despite threats during the bullying call last week - polls are actually light as most Georgians voted early anyways - bye Republican seats

Aldi US stores nation wide are not getting their trucks in time so they are closing due to lack of inventory or asking customers to selectively shop around having meat and dairy still on interstates

USPS is still experiencing delays in domestic shipping from Christmas surges - my mother just got her xmas card and her gifts have yet to arrive - one gift I sent to her for a friend has been in limbo for so long the company has asked for a review for something I cannot even track 

Inventory and Supply Chains are effected all over even Walmart and Target cannot complete pickup orders on items that cannot be shipped because their physical shelves are empty as well as their DCs

This Wednesday, January 6th isn't just Three Kings Day but the latest D-Day for the nightmare that is the 2020 election, the postponed race war and QAnon March on Washington D.C. - at the same time

"Soul" is now available on Disney+ further ruining race relations and fear of dying during the existential crisis that is the pandemic as the first Blackcentric Pixar film features its Black main character dying not once but twice and then weirdly becoming inhabited by a white woman voiced by Tina Fey