This Week Doesn't Count


This Week Doesn't Count

I mean post urlaub does anything ever count? 

We left for den U.S.A. a few Sundays ago on June 27th. We returned mid week on July 14th and after a couple of days of jet lag I myself ventured to Berlin for a party. So the rest of this week is cancelled as far as I'm concerned. It is a miracle I even changed out the towels and managed to refill my daily vitamins. I am in limbo time and concentration wise. My routine has been completely interrupted. I didn't do the weekly shopping. I just updated my calendars. I finally unpacked and put away most everything keyword most. The laundry and ironing is endlos. Frankly, this is the part of the vacation that is staycation. I just do not have any energy to turn this thing around. 

Today was the first day in over a month where I sat down and worked on this blog. 

As mentioned play became work when I decided to revamp my logo while abroad. It is cheaper to get print work from the Netherlands over there than it is being thirty minutes away. This was something in the works for several weeks before leaving. I was busy planning colors and mottos for a summer blitz of stickers then my dear friend and illustrator offered a complete overhaul. While I did manage to get my print work rushed before leaving the States, I didn't get to reimagine this site and all my other social media and alternative platforms. Today was that day! While I have a lot to verbally unpack as well as photos to edit I had to parking lot that for a lot of html, favicon, link in bio stuff which took the greater part of my day. I didn't write a single thing while gone and expected to put things to page while traveling to and from Berlin. Instead I found the train de-void of wifi and writing offline doesn't feel right. So at some point I have to unlock my memories of America, my return back to Germany and the wonders of rural Deutschland from a FlixTrain. I'll get there just not this week. Besides it's now the weekend, the sun is coming out and life continues ... next week. 

Schönes Wochenende!


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