Don't Dream It's Over


Don't Dream It's Over

Okay Leute you have the SPD and Vater Mutti. You also have promises that should be kept. I am delighted that it is finally over. I don't want to see another poster, pamphlet or panel for the remainder of my adult life. I have already come of age in a political arena and I am tired of politics. 

The year after my father died it was Bush vs Dukakis - a political battle etched in my childhood memories. Then came the disruption of the War on Iraq and the patriotic frenzy of Main Street U.S.A. I came of age with the Clinton Lewinski scandal. My first vote ever was contested and drawn out for a year - Bush vs Gore in 2000. Then came 9/11 and infinite war in Afghanistan and airports. Throughout my adult life there has been this speculative, shocking, performative train of politics that I have had to endure. I personally do not want the drama or debate. There is literally nothing that can deter me from changing my mind once it is made up. Not unfair and off balance tv, shock radio or leaning social media. I don't care for party agendas. I choose a candidate or a stance. If I can vote early I will. I will also argue my choice and can refute every talking point if anyone challenges me. To be honest, I haven't watched a lick of political commentary since 2016 and years prior I didn't even own a television. I don't care to see the demise of candidates as they yell, pander and blunder on behalf of whatever party. 

I am the constituent politicians love to hate. I don't watch television and despise radio. I like combing the internet for information and curating those findings to my own needs. I use non partisan resources like Ballotpedia, Newsy and Twitter to assist me in making a decision I typically have already made without influence. If I were a German citizen there isn't a Spiegel, B√∂hmi, Wahlprogramm or Wahl-o-mat that could have affected my choice. Even when I sit down and play the party given games that Germany forces everyone into I always come up far left, super liberal and unmoved in my own INTJ, Jersey Girl and 100% utilitarianism morality. I have been funneled to Die Linke but would have ultimately voted (in this election) for the SPD. But I would have done so only for the good of the people. In doing it that way, I grapple with what the people in this country want from their government. To be frank, I couldn't care less about the majority of these policies ahem promises that may not be kept. As an immigrant and Black American I am looking at things that affect me and people like me and no party is really leaning in a direction that aides us. Surely, there are these promises to make things easier but for whom exactly and how soon does this affect the German people? I sleep well at night not being a citizen but I also lie awake for some time realizing that Germans really talk a good game about equalizing things but I know all too well it is bullshit. I feel the same way I felt in November 2016 because I am selecting the same fruit in Aldi that someone who voted for the AfD or someone who is content with Angela Merkel #2 just touched. We might all like green apples but we are not the same. And I personally don't understand why Germany chose who they chose to choose from in this election. 

The below policies/promises are nice but don't give me much hope. Granted, I have not read the wahlprogramm and Hayley on YouTube can only do so much (she doesn't get the Cloud). But seriously read the following out aloud and really ponder about the future of Germany as of today. 

Climate issues are happening now so changes made over the next 20-40 years helps who?
Seriously, I will be dead and gone. What about my children? Bis Gleich

12€/$14 an hour are indeed minimum wages in this day and age when shoes are 200+ Euros.
I made this when I was 17 and I am dinosaur age now. I cannot have children on this.

I struggle living in worlds most efficient country that cannot embrace digital medical records. 
My American medical history is accessible via phone 24/7. 

The average German doesn't respect me breathing their air so what alliance is that exactly?
Alliance with America? Yeah right!

Germany doesn't define who is rich so how does taxing them higher affect me?
Everyone is rich to me, shoes are 200+ Euros! 

I hate stairs but I am able bodied so why should I concern myself with what stop is accessible?
This ain't NYC!

Immigration is still going to be a vague, judgmental shit show of a process and I am already here. 
I do not have a bachelors, a job or my own earned income so that makes me less of a human?

Trust, there are other plays that can and will be effective for me and you. They aren't listed here because I am not here to talk about the good stuff. But please know there is good stuff but I wonder how does a old boomer roll that out? And when and where does he even get started? If had my way I would concern myself with other things like ...

Keeping smokers at bay from schools, hospitals, restaurants, commercial spaces etc. 
Everyday I walk through cancer emitting smoke when I shouldn't have to. 

Regulating mini jobs by creating a system for oversight and workers rights. 
Forcing employers to contract and pay their workers because in my personal experience they don't. 

Enabling retailers over a certain margin (not small businesses) to accept all cards for transactions. 
I am beyond paying with EC karte or cash in businesses where they are selling goods over 50€.

Changing the systemic stifling of slow, gifted or introverted children at age 9. 
No child should be forcibly opted out of higher education that early in their development.

Offering an anti-hate/discrimination policy that is effective in penalizing offenders. 
Currently, resources available to victims is counseling which does not protect them. 

Supporting parents choices to home or virtually educate their children. 
The pandemic has shown there is a need for in-home education without truancy penalties. 

Making OTC drugs customer facing and all generics produced in Germany free of cost at the apotheke. 
I am tired of having to speak to anyone when I have a headache or yeast infection. 

Creating an anti-bullying/hazing environment where offenders must be redirected in their education. 
Penalize students who harass other students with hoch and real schule. 

Allowing ALL people with adequate education and job experience to transition into worthy posts. 
Both Germans and expats should be able to access education and professions if experienced. One shouldn't need a degree or recertification to work in retail or basic services. 


Legalizing ALL recreational drugs.
Because Germany has a serious drug problem and it can be eradicated with legalization. 

Taxing bicycle owners as they do car and pet owners. 
Maybe just do that in lieu of radio/media tax because I think there are more bike owners than paying hipsters. I also hate bicycles. And hipsters.

Build a Kita wherever there is a spielhalle. 
There are hardly any placements for all the babies being born in this country. 

Create free, reliable wi-fi for all.
 We have been paying for shit for far too long that literally works no where. 

Forcing German people to embrace philanthropy to improve their shitty hospitals and airports. Sometimes a donor is needed for a better food court and air conditioning. 

If you want to continue to build modern homes and apartments without central heating and air as well as proper kitchens provide an allotment for fans and eis every Summer.  
I have spent more on fans, ice cream and ice cubes here than I have living in Florida on my air con bill.

I didn't vote for Biden because I was never going to vote for him. But I will say he hit the ground running making sure some of his promises were fulfilled. Now he has fizzled out, the vice is nowhere to be found and his policies are the total opposite of what his supporters voted him in for. He also seems a tad more conservative and weird in comparison to his party. While I have integrity in not voting for him or his party, I do feel really bad that America is still eating Tonald Drump's shit. And I could see that sentiment pour over into yesterdays wahl because the turnout and outcome was historic. People the world over do not want what America has. So I commend the youth, millennials and dare I say hipsters for doing what they could for themselves and their fellow man. But I also want them to hold Scholz and the Social Democratic Party to the fire unlike the Americans who continue to sit on their hands. I wish them clear skies, ethical meat and fusion restaurants galore. But I also don't want to say I told you so when the sky is grey with smoke and mirrors of the same ole shit. You can't put yogurt sauce on that kind of stink kids and this is ain't the Germany your parents' parents lived in. I want some damn air conditioning and ice cubes dammit.

Pleasant dreams.