In two weeks we will be moving to Central North Germany or North Central ... however you say it. And frankly it is time to go. The other day I got on Linie 5 because 18 and everything else was delayed. On my long walk through tunnels to Breite Strasse I encountered an unmasked, underworld. There were needles everywhere and as two sat in a pile of them, facing the beautiful jadeite flanked mirrors of the station one got up and faced me and began to undo his belt buckle. Most people would have turned away or had an reaction of some sort, instead I kept my pace and gaze. He turned to those same mirrored walls and began to urinate on them. Later I exited the Neumarkt Passage and noticed a security guard shooing two lovers out of the lift. I watched them running away laughing and imagined they got caught in some sort of coitus. They were dressed well from afar so I couldn't imagine anything like what I had witnessed earlier or anything sinister. But minutes later I entered the lift on the opposite end to catch up with the 18 and found the two in a corner sight unseen to those waiting for the elevator to appear. As I positioned myself and realized I needed to press the button they were leaning against. She apologized and hit the down button and he proceeded to light the foil of the smack they were sharing. The sweet smell of the burn sort of seared my throat despite my mask and as the elevator lowered I saw the eyes of a sweet family waiting with their three children. I immediately exited and did my best to explain that in that ecke was evil their children should not see. The poor father and husband gathered his wife and hurriedly rushed to the escalators nearby. I would imagine a light struggle or even a fall with their babies was better than the burn now in my chest. Tiredly, I had exposed myself to a bit much and wished that I could just go home without incident. But this is Köln and I will encounter piss, stench, addicts and or someone to yell at me for whatever irrational reason almost daily. The last straw was reaching my building to find people loitering and one repeatedly asking me if I had a light. Those same individuals have been there for two days. I am not quite sure if they are coming or going. But I am. 

To be perfectly honest, if I had a choice I would stay here but in some other dimension. I would stay here for comfort and familiarity. I would stay here for convenience and bustle. I would stay here for the skyline and the nightlife. But the reality is I am barely partaking in what joys Köln has to offer. I am too old and too fat and out of touch. Moving somewhere more my speed is the better choice even if it is temporary and just for the Mr.'s work. It will give me the much needed opportunity to reset. It will allow me to try to stumble through the language with the locals. Generally, the people are nice where we are off too. Everyone seems more patient and welcoming. It is so damn quiet. No tatutatas or late night bottle smashing or train whistles for idiots. There are no trains. The Zara Home permanently closed. As did the nearest Aldi Nord. There just isn't a lot going on. But there is plenty of gardening to be done. Meals might be a bit cozier and more appreciated since there is only imbiss nearby. There is nature and greenspace and a sleepy bus that stops running around 20:00. With all that is happening around here, it is time to move on. And surely there are bad people and weirdos everywhere. I too am a bit taken aback at the amount of squalor and eyesores in almost every German city and town. I come from places that are serene and tropical. I come from a life where ones sanity is more important than access. And now I am getting back to that peace but it is still in Germany where every structure is a canvas and when you have to go you gotta go. But I will enjoy this change in scenery. And I will miss the loud heartbeat of city Köln. I'll miss the NRW and her little bit of everything. But up there I will have Hannover, Bremen and Hamburg nearby. I am no closer to Amsterdam or Berlin. In fact this takes me farther away from the borders that Germany prides herself in sharing. Now I have to hop this train to get another or better yet fly to places that once were hours away. But we have been shut in for some time and I wasn't pining to get anywhere then. I will just have to take the longer, scenic route when normality returns.

For now a mini farewell tour begins in-between planning, packing, organizing and cleaning. There are so many things and places I have missed out on. Every time I think I've seen it all I find some other viertal or train line that I didn't know anything about. To wrap things up we will go to a few places to unwind and forget about our looming priorities. I am hoping to do a lot more than what we have in the cards including some hamsterkaufen. But time is moving fast and we probably won't make it through my list. The good thing is Köln never changes and she will be here when and if we return. But I am saying my goodbyes nice and early so I do not forget. Our last day will be on the anniversary of Achso Tochter which is fitting. But I have no plans to discontinue my run. I will live vicariously through the others who keep Köln socially afloat. Unfortunately, where I am going isn't worthy of live tweets, meme making and blog posts. Yet my ears and eyes will always remain open for the Kö while dotting in the rest of Germany and her why's and ways including her spritzters and pissers. 



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