Da Steppt Der Bär


Da Stept Der Bär

A week ago I was sitting on a bench in my new Stadt having a Berliner. I was looking around at what is our Innenstadt in disbelief with powdered sugar all down my coat. The townspeople walked past with their shopping and nodded at me as if it was a Renaissance fair. The local energy men flanked me having brotchen in their work van. And then out of no where those damn warntag sirens that miserably failed on that particular day rang to the heavens. Considering the reminiscing and nostalgia I was experiencing along with the diabetes in and around my mouth I felt threatened. But in that moment that stood still no one including the arbeiters around me seemed to stir. I figured it was a false alarm but a wake up call for me to throw that fucking donut away and continue on my walk. The last thing I needed was a sit down nor a finger linking, calorie bomb no pun intended. No matter how connected that made me feel to Köln or my inner child it was a thing of the past. All of it. The lazy afternoons in expat solitude. The sitting on the stairs at the Dom. The powdery, sugary remains of yesteryear. 

Köln and Karneval was gone. Or so I thought. 

50,000 menschen with the Rona or whatever new strain name that is out there and wir tanzen again? I think on 11.11 I shut down. But today I checked my social media to see that you all made it out in droves. I saw your corn liqueur shots, your halver hands, your unmasked faces and your Berliners stuffed by unwashed digits. I wept a bit. How could you? First, they charged you to get into something that is rightfully yours. Then all the good places closed anyways. Half the costume places have gone out of business. And you saw that big ole number and went outside anyways. I cannot believe it! I guess now all we can do is wait. Let us hope this experiment was worth while and everyone is wrong. Maybe it was all of you that will make everything normal again next year. But if München couldn't open up well organized tents of people drinking beer, how on the devils earth did you all get to walk in vomit for a day? I am glad I got my fix on a bench during the monthly test. It is outta my system. I cannot say the same about you poor souls in jeck gear.