Eins, Zwei, Drei --- Enjoy!


Eins, Zwei, Drei --- Enjoy!

I used to think everyone was crazy. The Covid deniers and anti-vaxxers all too crazy for their own good. Especially living in this small town where they keep changing all the rules yet voluntarily police weekly protest of idiots without masks in the city center. I was pulled aside at the door at JSYK and asked for my credentials to shop for dinner napkins. I got a test to get a pedicures only to find out there were no appointments. Having got all my shots and boosted, I feel entitled now and I don't want to deal with those people who won't do what I did. I am saying this with sarcasm. I dreaded the day they would make this surreal nonsense a permanent reality. But it is here and has been here since last Summer in Berlin. We have been showing various certificates of vaccination since then and forced to keep up with rules regarding them. It shouldn't be news that one plus one doesn't equal three. But I am just as fucking dog mad about people being denied rights because they took the J&J/Jansen jab versus two Pfizer/Biontech or Moderna shots last year. It all feels "so you mean to tell me..." and it doesn't sit right with me and it shouldn't sit right with you. 

I know that many people got the single shot because it was ALL they had. The unhoused and or asylum seekers of Germany were offered J&J en masse. Men were also offered J&J because women of age were having issues with reproductive side effects. When AstraZeneca was pulled as an option and too many were taking the more popular vaccinations, J&J is what was left. For a lot of people, J&J was the only vaccination you could get without anmeldung and or an appointment. When the boosters came out, J&J people were assured that a single, competing vaccine shot would be effective. Perhaps they would require it sooner or it may pack a stronger punch, but it would be enough. And everyone vaxxed and or boosted enjoyed life in some way and above all were able to enjoy it over those who had no jabs. Then magically over night that option to have one shot and the boost was eliminated. And considering time frame, bureaucracy and supplies - the shot and a booster would have to wait to get a required third jab. And just like that ... no more gym, bar or restaurant for you in an already strange, new world of limited access. And no one considered that maybe you're not eligible for a third jab because you just got boosted. And no one considered that all that talk about the boost being enough makes science look bad. 

I posted on my IG when I saw the first J&J gratis today flyer. I said it was controversial that they would give a lightly effective vaccination to those most exposed to the virus. I thought it should be never be advertised as something good for the obdachlose or immigrated. I expected for some entity to swoop in and stop those campaigns and begin to offer that particular jab to fit people or young people exclusively. Sadly, it was thrown at all of those demographics without any consideration of future variants and policy changes around vaccination. Certainly, this new act was discussed months ago. It had to at least be considered that if they suddenly denied the efficacy of that shot that it would make life difficult for those who had it. That if they rationed the more effective versions of the vaccine and timed out secondary and now third jabs that timing would be everything so that those willing to be vaccinated could live again. Surely, I think people who now three years later are waiting for more science are nukin futs but how can I blame them after this debacle? I mean now the person who has caught this and recovered has more freedoms than there person that has subjected themselves to at least two shots. That booster is like having Covid and it is now considered null if you had a single first shot. So now you need a second jab or another evil booster to shop? The math isn't mathing and the science makes no sense. So someone with two shots cannot finger the same ugly sweater at H&M but someone who has purposely subjected themselves to a known to be spreadable, yet preventable and deadly virus can? Isn't that suicide? Isn't that mass murder? I am surrounded by ghosts and mass murders but you with the two shots can't come inside. This is hill I would like to die on but not amongst idiots without masks. And what about the mask requirement which too changed overnight making inflation and access a huge problem worldwide. I just paid $45 to send my mother 25 Korean masks that could be counterfeit. They made be laced with something or better yet with tiny perforated holes. Isn't that suicide too? Mass murder? If anything a killer to the market for masks in a climate that requires specific ones three year too fucking late. 

If you aren't pissed, you don't have a pulse. And this is an entirely different pissed than the weirdos fighting for the wrong things. I refuse to apply history and false equivalencies. I refuse to abandon routine because others are getting the shitty end of the stick. I will wear the required mask. No one is doing anything to my against my will. My ancestors really didn't die for what is happening to me right now. But I am in solidarity with anyone who is brave enough to take something foreign to them and the world and STILL be put in a box of denied access after the fact. And if these same policy makers can make it so that Oma doesn't have to mask up while sitting on a bench and assholes can march around vaping their particles or bikers can be free because they are active they can make 1 + 1 equal 3. I mean the impossible and illogical is okay for everything else requiring this virus - open schools, super spreading children without masks, the mixing of vaccines and the recovery exclusion - they can up the ass to common sense and blatantly fuck with science so they can also temporarily tinker with math.