Is This Thing Still On?


Is This Thing Still On?

I have abandoned this space. Now I am reclaiming it as this is the first hour of true creative freedom I have had in a year. I had immersed myself in other shit that bettered me but put this project under the rug. And now that I have been released from all of my duties I can focus again. 

What Have I Been Up To?

While we moved last year, we are still putting the finishing touches on the house. Hanging artwork, getting furniture, firing up the grill and soon we will do the first mow of the grass. I was working on a friends book which turned into one of the biggest undertakings of my life. And my obsession with getting my edits right and partnering with her made me sit every other thing down. I must have around 22 half read ebooks between Google Play and Apple Books. The moment that was done, I enrolled myself into an American college course which meant I was truly on Eastern Standard Time. In between class and that project, I began to dabble in informational zooms from American urban farming to South African takeaway to Japanese comparative studies. Lets just say I lived and died for college ruled notebooks and turning my mic off. And I did all of the above to pass a personal endurance test and imagine myself as someone other than a housewife. Tonight was my last class and it ended 45 minutes early and my next informative zoom isn't until May. 

I am free to be myself again!

Let's consider this my Spring Break to get back to the things I used to do. A few weeks where I dust off my passwords and log into places I have neglected. I can start taking my multivitamins. I can go to sleep at a normal hour everyday. We can eat outside al fresco during daylight. I can walk around with my camera and not feel cold and or weird. I can then sit at my desk and write about the things I love and hate about Germany again. There will be no deadlines or compromises just free thought and full creative play. I am still a lowly, trailing expat spouse but I am accomplished and relieved too. I finished things, a lot of things, and now I can endlessly talk shit about this place as I used to. 

Sorry not sorry : /

Ugh but Facebooka swallowed my business page. I haven't seen anything since Christmas and it'll be Earth Day soon. And still there's the panorama and the war and the micro plastics in food. I vow to do my best and one day, one fine day I will be doing other things. I got a tripod! I cracked my iPhone screen and got a new shiny one! Reels and shorts may win me over. I really do not have 250€ for Final Cut. If I could get back all the money I have spent on pens, chocolate and 3.5mm adapters I might. 

Anywho. I am back!